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By choosing us as your conveyancing partner, we will offer you a reasonable referral fee along with an unmatched quality of service and dedication to your clients.

Refer Files & Earn Fees

ProConveyancing partners with estate agents, mortgage brokers and others to provide excellent conveyancing services to their clients, with sensible referral fees available upon request. Join our growing network of referral partners and send files our way!

Provide an excellent experience to clients by referring files to our team, all tracked through a seamless web and mobile app.

Excellent service

Delight clients with fast and quality conveyancing, paired with a high level of customer service.

Quick turnaround

Improve the speed of property transactions by working with ProConveyancing's team.

Referral dashboard

Track the progress of referred files and pending payouts from our simple web and mobile app.

24/7 support

Both partners and clients can access 24/7 customer support to get help and questions answered.

Track case progress and refer files from a simple web and mobile app

Refer files from the comfort of your couch using mobile or computer

  • Access support at any time
  • Configure referral fee payouts
  • Track case progress in real-time
  • Refer new files instantly online

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Join our growing network of estate agents, mortgage brokers and more, submitting files to ProConveyancing and getting referral fees.