We deal with all types of residential conveyancing

We’ve helped conveyancing firms to complete thousands of transactions, freeing up their time to optimize profits

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Legal Tasks

Our legal team is highly experienced in Analysing Title Documents and Preparing Title Report

Paralegal Tasks

We remove time-consuming administrative tasks from your conveyancers and free up your team

Post Completion Tasks

We will complete Post Completion tasks within the time frame and help the conveyancing firms to avoid any penalty in the future.

Reduce expenses, increase profits

ProConveyancing provide legal support and conveyancing services to UK conveyancing firms, utilizing cutting-edge technology. We deal with all type of residential conveyancing cases, reducing your expenses by 70% and allowing you to complete the transaction in just 10-20 days.

Improve turn around time

Complete tasks at a quick pace and in a qualitative manner, helping conveyancing firms to complete transactions within 10-20 days. Our working model is to complete each task within 24 hours and to manage seasonal variations of up to 50 percent in volumes.

Decrease overhead costs

Increasing manpower may increase efficiency, but by outsourcing conveyancing firms can increase volume whilst keeping manpower low.

Increase volume capability

We enable firms to exponentially increase their volume of conveyancing without sacrificing margins or increasing fixed/variable costs of conveyancing transactions.

We've got great experience

Being a subsidiary of LSG LLC, a leading provider of LegalTech software in North America, we've worked with some truly great companies over the course of 15+ years.

10+ Fortune 500 Clients $500m+ in Client Savings

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