Why Estate Agents Should Partner With a Conveyancer

Why Estate Agents Should Partner With a Conveyancer

Hayley Hellon

Hayley Hellon


March 23, 2022

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Over the past two years, the pandemic changed the way we live and work. The desire to move home or get on the property ladder greatly increased, with house prices surging as buyer demand peaked. For estate agents, this resulted in new-found opportunities and a sudden workload increase, as it no longer became a rarity that homes were often bought before hitting the open market. Estate agents need to be more efficient at ensuring houses complete quickly or risk losing customers.

The task of finding motivated buyers is no longer problematic, instead, the difficulty now lies in ensuring that the conveyancing process is completed quickly and to as high a quality as possible. This transactional period is usually where stress peaks for customers as they rely on conveyancers, mortgage brokers and more individuals to ensure the conveyancing process is done well and promptly.

Industry leader, Rightmove, recently commented on concerns in their recent customer-focused blog titled “Property chains and why it all takes so long”, informing readers to not just choose a conveyancer “based on price” and to instead look for a business with good “communication” and a quick speed of service as a means of saving time, money and stress.

Referral Fees

From the outside looking in, estate agents are often subjected to the perception of only partnering with conveyancers when a high referral fee is agreed upon. However, research has shown this isn’t true, as estate agencies focused more on the “quality of work, followed by reputation, locality and price, with the referral fee coming last”.

As an estate agency, it is important to ease customer concerns, especially during the high-stress conveyancing process by using a trusted conveyancer who matches your business’s level of service. This not only makes sure your customers are happy but means you are able to complete on homes quicker.

Researching fast conveyancing services that provide a proven high-quality of service is the best way to ensure you and your customers remain happy.

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Choosing a conveyancer

As of 2022, the average timeline for completing the conveyancing process on a home with no chain is 12 weeks. This is assuming that all sides of the process are not subjected to delays caused by missing paperwork or miscommunication between each party, such as the solicitors and the brokers.

This is where your choice of recommended conveyancer comes in. Choosing one that has a strong clientele of well-known partner companies, coupled with positive reviews is the first way of knowing how reliable their service is.

It’s also poignant to mention that going local is not always the best choice. The location of your conveyancer does not increase the quality you will receive, especially in the field of communication. This is simply because all messages are sent through digital means like email or text, or through phone calls. Instead, expand your search to include online conveyancing services which come with conveyancing apps or other digital platforms that can be the best way to provide value and remain in continuous communication with your chosen business.

The next consideration on your choice of a conveyancer, which is arguably the most important for your customer, should be the speed of service. Having the ability to communicate with your conveyancing team in real-time through either an app or email helps you and your client track a case's progress from start to finish allowing for a faster, smoother transaction.

As an estate agent, your conveyancing recommendations reflect the service in which you provide your customer. Choosing a trusted conveyancing partner, who can provide the same level of service you do, at a speed that suits your customer and ensures each side of the property transaction is addressed and completed, improve the perception of your business, as well as the likelihood of future customers also using your service.

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