Moving Day Checklist

Moving Day Checklist

Becky Soroko

Becky Soroko


April 1, 2021

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We understand more than anyone that moving day can be extremely stressful and no matter how much planning you do in advance; it doesn’t always go as you’d expect. Here we have put together a checklist that you might want to use, that from our personal experience may make your move slightly more stress-free...

  • Make sure all final payments have been made by the buyer and all your paperwork has been completed - double-check with your legal company that nothings outstanding before your completion day.
  • Make sure all keys are labeled and ready to go - this saves time and hassle if you’re ready to hand over the keys to your agent.
  • Pack a few days beforehand - have everything packed up and ready to go a few days before so your move isn’t as rushed or delayed in any way.
  • Pack up your things by room - arranging your boxes by room can save a lot of confusion when you arrive at your new house for both you and any removal companies that may be helping you.
  • Make care arrangements for the pets and kids - it’s easier and less stressful for all parties involved if they’re not around.
  • Have a list of all important contacts to hand at all times - just in case you need to contact someone last minute. This might include conveyancers, broker/lender, or removal firms.
  • Arrange your completion at the beginning of the week - if possible avoid making your move on a Friday, just in case anything needs sorting last minute. You don’t want to have to wait until Monday!
  • Arrange a hotel or temporary accommodation if needed - if for some reason you can move into your new home straight away, its best to make other arrangements in advance.
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