How to Find a Good Conveyancing Partner for Solicitors

How to Find a Good Conveyancing Partner for Solicitors

Hayley Hellon

Hayley Hellon


April 20, 2022

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While the boundaries between conveyancers and solicitors may overlap in certain areas when purchasing or selling a property, each industry specializes in specific authorised duties that ensure the transfer of a property is performed to the legal standard.

It’s safe to say that the pandemic and property boom have made solicitors and conveyancers busier than ever. Conveyancers themselves have seen a 63% caseload increase over the last ten years with no signs of this trend stopping or slowing down.

Due to the booming market, increased waiting times for the proof of funds to be authorized and other official tasks to be completed during the transactional period have unsettled customers, as the average time for a property to be ready to exchange now breaches the 3-month mark.

Reducing this waiting period not only ensures that your customers remain happy with the service they receive, but also opens up the opportunity to take on more work, increasing overall profits.

One way solicitors can speed up their lead times without the risk of reducing the quality of their work is by partnering up with a trusted conveyancer. Solicitor firms may wish to explore their conveyancing options as a means of improving their quality of service and staying ahead of the game as new conveyancing firms revolutionise the industry.

How to find a good conveyancing partner?

Did you know there are over 3,900 registered conveyancers in the UK? This wide range of options can make it difficult for solicitors to decide which firm to partner with as they are overwhelmed with choices.

A few points solicitors need to consider when researching a potential conveyancing partner is:

- What companies are they already partnered with?

- What are their customer reviews like?

- How are they able to reduce my case timeline while providing a high quality of service?

- Am I able to contact staff at any time regarding any queries?

- Do other solicitors, estate agents or mortgage brokers recommend them?

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As a solicitor, it’s easy to fall into the trap of simply searching “conveyancers near me” on Google. However, doing so only limits your options and could end up coming back to haunt you with customers receiving a lower quality of service.

Asking the questions outlined above and understanding how important it is to partner with a trusted conveyancer, not only presents the opportunity to improve your quality of service and waiting times, but also opens up the potential to increase firm profits.

Working together and establishing a partnership with a leading conveyancer is the way forward for many businesses involved in the process of property transactions. High caseloads show no signs of slowing down, and if you're struggling for capacity or simply don't wish to deal with conveyancing cases, researching and finding a high quality conveyancer is one of the best ways to ensure that your firm's future remains in the black and leading the industry.

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