ProConveyancing’s Collective Experience

The ProConveyancing team is led by Gary R. Markham, supported by a group of energetic and skilled conveyancing experts with 30+ years of collective experience working within the UK conveyancing industry. Together, they form the core of our team, ushering in a new alternative for the UK conveyancing market; an online-first service focusing on best practices that ensure a first class experience for its clients while being offered at a sensible price point.

With over 30+ years of experience within conveyancing between us, we’ve learnt a range of best practices that we apply for all of ProConveyancing’s clients and partners.

Gary R. Markham

Managing Director

Mark Bentley

Strategic Development Director

Matthew Markham

Operations Director

Silvia Ribeiro

Head of Finance and Administration

Philip Knight

Product Director

Alex Matthew

Business Development Lead

Joakim Hjonnevag

Marketing Lead

Kiran Chandrashekhar

Technical Lead

Sankar Das G

UI/UX Lead

Navavi Abdul Aziz

Customer Success Lead

Becky Soroko

Administrative Clerk

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